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Summer Skating School


Summer Skating School July 2nd to August 17th

Freestyle Session and Fees:

Advanced Registration and 4-weeks attendance is required to receive class discount. Please submit your form to your coach for review and approval.

Download Summer Skating School Brochure Here

Download Bridge Pre Academy Registration Here

Download Intermediate Summer Skills Registration Here

Freestyle Session Fees:

  • 60/50 &. Sessions (KSCMemberRate)$10.50 (60/50min)
  • DropinFreestyle$13.00


  • One session minimumpurchase
  • 1/2 session purchase available after 1 hourpurchase
  • Under the age 5 or 55 or older you are eligible for a minimum 30 minutespurchase

On-Ice and Off-Ice Skills Classes Fees:

  • 4-weeksummerskatingschoolattendanceandadvancedregistrationforallSkillsClassesis required to receive the classdiscount.
  • (Skills class fees are separate from Freestyle sessionfees)
  • On-Ice Skills Classes for those registeredby6-6-18$10.00
  • Off-Ice Skills for those registeredby6-6-18$10.00
  • On –Ice and Off-Ice Skills ClassesDrop-inRate:$15.00
    • Note: With the exception of M.W. F. 8:45-9:15 all On-Ice skills occur on open freestyle ses- sions. The cost of Freestyle sessions are separate from class fees and are not included in the classfee.

Freestyle Protocol:

  • Session Check-in: Each skater is required to sign in for all sessions and skillsclasses

*         Name must be legible and include first and last name (Adults may need toassist)

  • Fees subtracted electronically through our scan system . An Ice attendant will be present on most ses- sions and will be able to assistyou

For questions regarding payment or adding funds to your scan card contact Drake.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For questions regarding programming contact the skating director. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • All skaters on Sno-King Kirkland Freestyle sessions are required to be a current member of USFS Basic Skills, Kingsgate Skating Club or a Full USFSMembership.

Membership info:

Skills Class registrations are to be submitted no later than 6-6-18. At that time we will know if we

will be canceling or adding classes.

Payment for SSS is due on or by June 15-2018.

For schedule changes and updated information:


2018 Summer Skating School

It is recommended that skater’s warm up prior to taking the ice

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    6:00 Collections                
6:00 Freestyle 30 6:00 Freestyle 30 6:00 Freestyle 30 6:00 Freestyle 30 6:00 Freestyle    
6:30 Freestyle 6:30 Freestyle 6:30 Freestyle 6:30 Freestyle 6:30 Freestyle 7:00 Freestyle
7:30 Freestyle 7:30 Freestyle 50 7:30 Freestyle 7:30 Freestyle 50 7:30 Freestyle    
8:30 Zam 8:20 Power 8:30 Zam 8:20 Power 8:30 Zam 8:00 Freestyle
8:45 Adv Skills 8:30 Zam 8:45 Adv Skills 8:30 Zam 8:45 Adv Skills 9:00 End
8:45 Acad/skills 8:45 Freestyle 8:45 Acad/skills 8:45 Freestyle 50 8:45 Acad/skills    
9:15 Pre-Acad/Skills     9:15 Pre-Acad/Skills            
9:15 Freestyle 9:45 Freestyle 9:15 Freestyle 9:35 Zam/Tent 9:15 Freestyle    
    10:00 Bridge Program 9:15 Acad/Dance 9:45 Adult 18+        
    10:00 Pre-Acad/Skills                
10:15 Freestyle   LTS 10:15 Freestyle 10:15 Adult class 10:15 Freestyle    
    11:15 Public 10:45 Adv.Dance 11:15 Public        
            5:15 Bridge Program   Public    
  Public     5:55 Collections 5:15 Pre-Acad/Skills        
        6:00 LTS   Public 6:00 LTS    

2018 Summer Off-Ice Program

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
      Rotations       Pilates   Off-Ice Spin
  Strength 8:45 Group A   Ballet 8:45 Group A   Stretch/Other
9:20 Group A 9:15 Group B 9:20 Group A 9:30 Group B Group C 9:20 Group A
10:20 Group B Group C 9:15 Group C 10:20 Group B Group C     10:20 Group B Group C
            5:50 Group C    

Please note: There will be exceptions as most of our Off-ice skills classes will be separated by age and maturity. Group B and C will be combined for some classes

Group A: Intermediate Advanced 30-50-minute classes Group B: Academy 30-min classes

Group C: Pre-Academy & Bridge 30-min classes

Monday (Strength & Functional Movement with Tom) Group A 50 min Groups B/C 45 min Tuesday (Off-Ice Jump/Rotations) Groups A/B/C 30 min

Wednesday (Ballet with Marco) ) Group A 50 min Groups B/C 45 min Thursday (Pilates with Alicia) Group A 45 min Groups B/C 30 min

Friday (Spin with Kim/Stretch/Surprise) Group A 30 min Group B/C 30 min


Summer Skating School On-Ice Skills Classes


Your coach will guide you to which classes are best suited for you

On-Ice Skills Classes:

Int-Adv Skills: Preliminary -Senior Moves

Academy Skills: Free skate 5-No Test Pre-Preliminary

  • M
8:45– 9:15 Edge Development
  • Tu,Th
8:20-8:30 Power Stroking
  • W
8:45– 9:15 Applied Skills and Drills
  • W
9:15-9:45 Academy Dance
  • W
10:45-11:15 Solo Dance (Advanced)
  • F
8:45– 9:15 Spin Spin Spin
  • M

Free skate 1-4



Edge Development

  • Tu
9:15-10:30 Off-Ice & On-Ice
  • W
9:15-9:45 A Applied Skills and Drills
  • TH
5:15-6:20 On-Ice & Off-Ice

Bridge Programming: Basic 5 - Pre-Free skate

30 min. of On-Ice Skills-30 min. Off-Ice skills-practice time

  • T
9:15-10:30 Off-Ice & On-Ice
  • Th
5:15-6:20 On-Ice & Off-Ice
Adult On-Ice Skills Classes:
  • T
11:15-11:45 Beginning Edge
  • Th
10:15-10:45 Adult Edge Class

Collections andPowerStroking:    (AllLevels)

  • Tuesday6:00A&Wednesday5:55PCollectionsincludedintheFreestyle session (5min)
  • Tuesday & Thursday 8:20 Power Stroking/(Included in 7:30 Freestyle) (10min)
  • Exhibitions:
  • July 27 Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer“Event”
  • August 17 Solo DanceSend-Off
  • End of Summer Skating SchoolCelebration



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